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November – December 2021 Newsletter

November – December 2021 Newsletter

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Welcome to our November / December 2021 edition. This issue was written prior to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, presenting the second UK Budget of 2021 on Wednesday 27 October. We will look at the key announcements included in the Chancellor’s red box in the next issue.

    • On page 3 The earnings benchmark of the State Pension triple lock will be temporarily set aside for next year. We discuss this in more detail in this section.

    • On page 4 with the rising rate of inflation we consider five questions you should ask yourself before inflation takes off. Then how to factor it into any pension planning.

    • On page 12 we look at one of the less publicised pension changes being planned – the raising of the Normal Minimum Pension Age (NMPA) from 55 to 57. This is to be effective from 2028 and will be included in next year’s Finance Bill.

Full Contents

03 CHANGE TO THE STATE PENSION TRIPLE LOCK. Pensioners ‘deeply disappointed’, particularly
women and self-employed.

04 HOW CAN I PROTECT MY WEALTH FROM INFLATION? Five questions to ask before inflation really takes off.

06 UK PENSIONERS UNDERPAID. More than £1 billion in State Pensions impacted due to ‘repeated human errors’.

07 FESTIVE GIFTS THAT TEACH CHILDREN THE VALUE OF MONEY. Why parents should look to Christmas investment gifts instead of toys.

08 PENSIONS AND RETIREMENT STILL REMAIN A TABOO. When it comes to marriage and money, it’s good to talk.

09 THE POWER OF A PLAN. How to create a personal financial plan in 8 steps.

10 PLANNING FOR EARLY RETIREMENT. What are the financial consequences of stopping work in your 50s?

12 MINIMUM PENSION AGE ON THE UP! Increase intended to align with the raising of the State Pension age.


Whatever your needs and aspirations, we can help you enjoy today while planning for tomorrow. We hope you enjoy our latest issue, and if you require any further information or would like to start a conversation – please contact us.