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Initial Fees

Initial Costs for Our Financial Services

We operate a tiered charging model which takes into account the value of the investments we are advising you on. 

You may ask us to undertake other work not part of our inclusive service – such as setting up a trust. For this we will agree a fee, based on our hourly rates, before we undertake this work as typically we will need to involve third parties.


So that we can properly resource our business, which in turn ensures we can continually provide services to our clients, any initial work we do on your behalf is subject to our minimum charge of £750. 

In practice this means that investable amounts under £37,500 including regular premium investments will be charged at this rate.

Our maximum charge (‘decency limit’) is £12,000.

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Tiered Initial Fees

Example Costs for Our Financial Services

A £98,000 investment.

The cost for advice is calculated as follows:

As the amount is under £100,000 the full amount is charged at the starting rate of 2%

£98,000 @ 2% = £1,960

A portfolio of £800,000

The cost for advice is calculated as follows:

  • The first £100,000 @ 2%                               = £2,000

  • The next £150,000 @ 1%                              = £1,500

  • The next £250,000 @ 0.75%                         = £1,875

  • The remaining £300,000 @ 0.5%                  = £1,500

 Total = £6,875 which is equivalent to 0.86%