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About Us

About us

At the heart of our service, there are no sales targets or aggressive selling instead we have an open and friendly approach to help you achieve your long term financial goals. This can be done via face to face meetings, through email, phone calls, web chat or even a chat over a coffee.

The focus is on what works best for you. We will have as many interactions as you need to make sure you are comfortable in the decisions you are making.

Why do we do this? We do it because what is in your best long term interest is also in our interest as if you are happy with us you may recommend us and there is no better way to generate business than through happy customers. Try us you will be surprised. Financial services in a non pressurised, professional and client focussed manner.

Compton Financial IFA work as part of a larger group which has recently celebrated its 15th year in business. We are a Whole of Market firm.

This group has around 90 IFA’s so we have access to a huge breadth of knowledge and to a wide range of financial service providers.

Photo of founder

More About Martin: Founder

I spent over 20 years working in asset management, investment banking, and hedge funds across London and New York. This experience, coupled with astute investments, granted me the privilege of an early retirement.

My initial venture into this business was purely personal – a platform to manage my own properties and investments. But as I began assisting friends and family, and then their friends, it became evident: there was a significant gap in the market.

Many were missing out on the kind of comprehensive financial advice that I’d come to expect in my professional life.

This realisation made me want to start the business and provide people this level of service. Today, my passion is to simplify the complexities of finance for people, providing clear insights and guidance to help secure your future and that of your loved ones.

Outside of advising I love living life to the full and keeping my family smiling – whether that’s out with my dogs Max and Looney Leo running beside me in the woods or surprising my mum by taking her to lunch with my brother by helicopter…

I may have forgotten to tell her that I fly helicopters.

About Compton Financial IFA, Martin Founder

I thoroughly enjoy my hobbies. You may find me out walking my dogs or even mountain biking with them in the woods either in Wimbledon of Farhnam.

Compton Financial IFA’s are not the usual type of financial advisers

Feel free to contact us or Book a Meeting whenever convenient.