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May – June Aug 2022 Newsletter

May – June Aug 2022 Newsletter

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Welcome to our May / June 2022 edition. Are you fed up with your nine-to-five? There are many factors that can influence when someone decides to retire. For some, it may be based on health reasons, while others may want to take advantage of government benefits or simply enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. However, one of the most common factors that determines when people choose to retire is their age. We tacklet that topic amongst others in this newsletter.

    • On page 4 we explain what changed at the beginning of the 2022/23 tax year,
      and what you need to be aware.

    • On page 09 you can read how increasingly scammers are relying on our psychological biases to trick us into handing over. 

    • On page 10 we look at what is the most popular age to retire early. New research reveals the key steps people have taken to embrace early retirement and examines the costs and benefits of doing so.

    • On page 12 Saving enough for retirement is challenging for many people, but an era
      of changing demographic trends, such as increased longevity and delayed marriage, can make this journey even more difficult.

Full Contents

03 PASSING ON WEALTH TO THE NEXT GENERATION 30 million parents want to leave wealth in their Will.

04 TAX IN UNCERTAIN TIMES Key financial changes that have affected millions of people from April.

05 MORE BRITONS INSURE THEIR HOMES THAN THEIR LIVES Ensure your financial security for when you might need it most.

06 DEALING WITH DIVORCE Revolution in family law finally removes the need for blame as a basis for divorce.

07 GENDER PENSION GAP WIDENS Women have lower pension pot sizes in every age bracket.

08 FUTURE WEALTH The average British child is worth just under £5,000 by the time they reach school.

09 SCAMMERS ‘SOCIALLY ENGINEER’ VICTIMS 17% increase in suspicious or scamrelated activity.

10 FED UP WITH YOUR NINE-TO-FIVE? Sixty the most popular age to retire early.

12 RETIREMENT NEST EGG Nearly a half of over-50s regret not saving into their pension earlier


We know you’ll have different priorities for your wealth at different points in your life. Whatever your financial aims, we can help you achieve them. For more information or to discuss your situation, please contact us. We hope you enjoy reading this issue