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January – February 2021 Newsletter

January – February 2021 Newsletter

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Welcome to our January / February 2021 edition. In a year of renewal, hopefully we’ll see a world that is steadily returning to normal, while also rapidly accelerating into a transformed future. Although lockdown restrictions are easing, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will continue to impact on our lives in many ways. Where will we be in six months, a year, ten years from now? One thing is certain, COVID-19 has reshaped all of our futures.

      • On page 8 talks about your ISA allowance, you should make use of it before the deadline at midnight on Monday 5 April 2021. The date marks the end of the 2020/21 tax year. 

      • On page 10 while the Chancellor is looking to reduce the tax gap, there are nonetheless still opportunities to review your financial arrangements for saving tax throughout the tax year. Find out what to consider via this article.

    Full Contents

    03 WEALTH NEEDS MANAGING – NOW MORE THAN EVER Achieving your financial goals through investing, and one size does not fit all 

    04 TAXING TIMES ON THE HORIZON! Are you protected against future Capital Gains Tax rises? 

    05 MORE OVER-55S FORCED TO DIP INTO PENSION POTS Understanding the different ways you can use your pension money 

    06 NEW YEAR, NEW START TO YOUR FINANCES Taking time to understand your financial plans will really pay off 

    08 DON’T MISS THE ISA DEADLINE Saving and investing for a future that matters. Yours. 

    09 5 HEALTHY FINANCIAL HABITS YOU SHOULDN’T IGNORE How to get your finances in order to make more of your money 

    10 TAX SAVING OPPORTUNITIES It’s time to identify, plan for and potentially mitigate your tax burdens 

    12 WHY CASH MAY NOT BE KING How much of your wealth do you currently hold in cash?


    The start of a new year is the perfect time to reassess how to shape your personal financial journey. Whatever your circumstances and needs, we’re here to listen to your future plans and support you in achieving them. We look forward to hearing from you.