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May – June 2021 Newsletter

May – June 2021 Newsletter

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Welcome to our May / June 2021 edition. As we enter another new phase in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, each UK nation has set out a roadmap out of lockdown, a positive sign that we can hopefully start to get back on track both financially and emotionally.

      • On page 3, we explain why the pension age increase from 55 to age 57 from 6 April 2028 may, may have an impact on the timing for taking your pension benefits.

      • On page 6, we look at why now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of these and align them with your goals.

      • On page 9, find out how sharing your wealth during your lifetime can make a big diference and bring you a lot of joy, particularly when helping younger generations who are dealing with rising house prices and university fees.

    Full Contents

    03 MINIMUM PENSION AGE TO INCREASE. Age change to when people can start taking private  pension savings.

    04 BOOST YOUR PENSION SAVINGS. Planning to achieve your retirement goals sooner.

    05 WILL YOUR PENSION RUN OUT EARLY? Impact on people opting for early retirement as a result of the pandemic.

    06 A NEW TAX YEAR, A NEW START FOR YOUR FINANCES. Creating a roadmap for your future
    financial success.

    08 RETIREMENT OPTIONS. What can you do with your pension pot?

    09 GRANDPARENTS, GRANDCHILDREN AND MONEY. Sharing your wealth during your lifetime can make a big diference.

    10 SUSTAINABILITY MATTERS. Plan for a better tomorrow, today.

    12 PENSION LIFETIME ALLOWANCE. How to stay within the limit to avoid a tax charge.



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