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September – October 2023 Newsletter

September – October 2023 Newsletter

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Welcome to our September / October 2023 edition. In this issue, we look at investment bonds and explain how they offer several benefits that some investors may be missing out on, which have become even more beneficial due to recent changes in tax regulations.

      • On page 3 we consider the benefits of starting estate planning (providing a financial legacy) early and implementing this in stages is essential.

      • On page 6 we look at Investment Bonds and how they can be used to minimise Inheritance Tax (IHT).

      • On page 11 we discuss the challenges on untangling finances during a divorce and to factor in post divorce standard of living.

      • On page 12 we highlight the potential flexible benefits of accessing your pension using pension drawdown.

    Full Contents

    03 PRESERVING WEALTH FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. Starting estate planning early and
    implementing it in stages is desirable. 

    04 WILL YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS AROUND YOUR PENSION POT? Why defined contribution pensions are even more appealing for wealth transfer. 

    05 BUILDING A RELIABLE INCOME STREAM FOR YOUR GOLDEN YEARS. Make sure you maximise your retirement income through annuity shopping. 

    06 INVESTMENT BONDS. How bonds’ structure and tax advantages can help you pass on wealth. 

    08 MISSING OUT ON UNCLAIMED MONEY THAT COULD BE IN YOUR POCKET? £1.3 billion pension tax relief unclaimed by pension savers over a five-year period. 

    10 SAVING FOR THE NEXT GENERATION. Taking proactive steps in securing your child’s or grandchild’s financial future.

    11 MONEY AND DIVORCE. Untangling your finances and navigating the financial aspects
    of divorce.

    12 PENSION DRAWDOWN. Greater flexibility in accessing your pension fund.


    Wealth planning isn’t a one-time event. It involves comprehensively evaluating your current and future financial state regularly to formulate and evolve a plan to help meet your financial goals. Please get in touch with us for more information about how we can help you visualise your financial future.